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Terracotta-Vertrieb Terre et feu

We are the leading specialists for Terracotta products, natural as well as glazed tiles for floors and walls. Terracotta is a natural material and wellknown for ecological buildings and/or restorations. The charm of Terracotta lies in every single tile, each with its own individual character and structure in colour. The good ratio between quality and price permits you to build at highest standard for new houses or restoration works. With Terracotta you will find a perfect relationship between “absorption/reflection “, the most important parameters for floorheating systems in order to heat very economically.

The enormous product-program of Terre et Feu contains industrial- as well as handmade Terracotta. A lot of different construction models e.g. Bullnoses; Steps; Stairs and so on. A special productline offers perfect construction parts, natural or glazed – also with decors – to easily create e.g. kitchens; bathrooms or swimming pools, just to name a few.

For the restoration of historic objects Terre et Feu is also selling antique Terracotta with antique inlays, that perfectly matches such traditional works. To create rustical floors Terre et Feu is offering a very special “brick” for outside and inside produced by traditional handmade-esthetic. Antique tiles for roofs and walls are available on request. Our specialists are professionally installing any kind of Terracotta materials including its treatment for an economical price, even abroad.

Profit from our extensive experiences !

The brilliant colours of the glazed Terracotta tiles with decors from Terre et Feu are a large selection of many different types and styles such as “Jugendstil”, “MoorishTiles” and so on or just natural terracotta is available, also in small quantities. In order to design your own style of your bathroom, Terre et feu can produce all kind of customised wash-stands with one or two basins in various dimensions and colours. The products for treatments of Terracotta are always on stock.

Typical textiles from the Provence and many other beautiful living-accessories are completing the program from Terre et Feu.

Let you inspire from the charming Mediterranean products !
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